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Gery Gone Mad Sugar Cheese Crackers 100g


Crackers are not only tasty and delectable, but they are also beneficial to one’s health and digestion. Enjoy crackers every morning or as a nutritious afternoon snack.

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Category: Groceries, Snacks
Tags: biscuit, sugar

Product Information:


100 grams

Ingredient Type



Gery Gone Mad

Item Package Quantity


Product Dimensions

17.8 x 20.3 x 27.9

Product Ingredients:

‎Cracker: (Wheat Flour (45%*), Sugar (15%*), Vegetable Fat (Hydrogenated Oils), Vegetable Oil (Refined Palmolein), Corn Starch, Milk Powder, Salt, Malt Extract, Yeast, Vegetable Emulsifier Soya Lecithin (Ins 322), Leavening Agents Ammonium Bicarbonate (Ins 503Ii), Sodium Bicarbonate (Ins 500Ii), Sodium Bicarbonate (Ins 500Ii), Stabilizer Disodium Diphosphate (Ins 450I), Added Minerals (Calcium Carbonate))., Cream Analogues: Glucose Syrup, Refined Vegetable Oil, Milk Protein, Stabilizer (E340Iii & E452I), Emulsifier (E472), Anti Caking Agent (E551). Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colors, Tartrazine (Ins 102), And Sunset Yellow Fcf (Ins 110).


Sugar, cheese, and everything wonderful come together in this new product from the Gone Mad stable. The sugar cheese cracker has finally made its way to Indian shores after captivating taste buds all over the world.

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